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FTG Källefall is a well-established brand in the European forestry industry, bringing together a rich legacy from of over a century of dedication to innovation and quality. In FTG Källefall you find a reliable partner to help you achieve forestry success.

Pleasure of performance

When you picture a good day in the forest – what do you see? Maybe a sunny day out with your favourite equipment, taking care of the forest. A cup of ­coffee around an open fire after a good days work. A day when everything works well. You leave with a sense of harmony and feel energized.

At FTG Källefall we build trailers and cranes with that image in mind. But we also construct and build ­equipment that works when ­conditions are rough. FTG Källefall forest trailers and cranes are robustly built, to withstand tough days in the forest.

You find trailers in the range from 4 to 12 tonnes, with cranes from 4.2 up to 9.4 meters reach. Källefall cranes are strong, fast, and easy to operate. We also offer a wide range of grapples, buckets and other accessories to meet different needs. Where can you find Källefall equipment? Ask for Källefall trailers and cranes at one of our many dealerships across Europe. Check our list of dealers and contact them directly or let us know your needs and we will direct you to the closest agent.

Swedish Roots, European Vision

By combining our Swedish heritage with innovation based customer needs, we have developed into a company with a wide range of products for both small forest owners to professional users. Källefall celebrated its 30 year anniversary in 2023. But the story of ­Källefall originates from the late 1700’s, at a small farm in ­Sweden with a waterfall by a spring, which is what ­”Källefall” means in Swedish.

For generations, the family who lived there worked the farm and took care of the forest. In 1993 they decided to start their own forest machine company and called it Källefall, since they built their trailers and cranes on the farm.

In the 30+ years that has passed since the start in 1993, Källefall has grown from local ­markets in Sweden to the whole of Europe. From just 4 trailer models to more than 20 today, with skilled and keen employees working close together to provide the best suited equipment for you, all across Europe, independent of what conditions or preferences you have.

From Tradition to Innovation: The FTG Källefall Story

It all started with a waterfall from a spring

Källefall – water from a spring

The story of Källefall all began in a small farm in a beautiful countryside in the south of Sweden. The name of the farm was Källefall, which means ”waterfall from a spring” in Swedish.  The farm had a history dating back already to the late 1700’s, with a copper hammer, built on the farm and using the nearby river for power.

The von Essen family and Källefall farm

It all goes back to the nobleman Hans Henrik von Essen (1820-1894) who wanted to give his sons good farms and large houses and gave his son Johan Källefall farm.  For generations, the von Essen family lived and worked the farm, grew fruit, started a fish farm, and took care of the forest.

The start of the Källefall company

When Ingrid, the current resident of the farm, lost her grandfather, activities on the farm were scaled down. Her husband Anders started to work at a nearby forest trailer manufacturer. After a couple of years he decided to start his own company together with his friend Kjell and wife. In 1993 the Källefall company was founded. The name of the company came from the name of the farm and the first logo with an owl came from the family von Essens coat of arms.

Designed their own products already from the start

Anders became Managing Director and product designer. Kjell took on the job as Purchase Manager and Ingrid worked as Salesman. They all sat in one office together. Källefall soon got famous for having frame steering, dispite being a rather small trailer, and the winch located inside the pillar, well sheltered. All products were robust. The radio operated winch was also very popular for safety reasons.

Successful relations with company in Lithuania

The newly founded company soon understood that they needed to produce their products in a low-cost country to compete with more established brands such as Moheda, Mowi and Vreten.

Thru the Swedish Embassy in Lithuania they got in contact with Dr. Vygintas Geležiūnas, the father of the current FTG Baltic MD, Egle Rakstiene. There was a good connection between them and they started working together. Dr Vygintas organized production of steel components which were sent to Tidaholm for assembly. The first trailers were assembled at the farm.

In 1999, Anders Thunström passed away unexpectedly. The other owners decided to merge Källefall with the Moheda and Mowi Group. This Group of companies was later renamed FTG (Forest Technology Group).

FTG Group

Log trailers. Forest cranes. Accessories.

At FTG Group, your forestry needs are our priority. Committed to delivering adaptable solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Rooted in a robust Scandinavian tradition and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our extensive product range includes log trailers, forest cranes, winches, grapples, and accessories such as road graders and cultivators, designed to meet the challenges of both light logging and professional forestry. Trust FTG Group for a legacy of performance and reliability that enhances your forestry enterprise.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Cranes for different business needs:

  •  Forestry
  • Recycling
  • Construction
  • Transport

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