News 1 min read January 29, 2024

One more dealer in France

We are happy to announce that we have started cooperation with one more dealer in France, Distribution Forest Agri Equipment, DFAE.

They are based in Le Mottier, about half way between Grenoble and Lyon, in the southeast part of the country. DFAE has been importing and distributing forest equipment from the Nordic countries, Austria and Italy for more than a decade.

With FTG Källefall in their line of products they now add a premium Swedish brand with high-quality forest trailers and cranes designed to operate in difficult forest terrain, with everything from light thinning jobs to professional use.

We look forward to offer customers in the south-east of France good products and reliable service in cooperation with DFAE. Please get in touch for more information about them and FTG Källefall’s products.

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