Standard forest trailer FB50 has a central beam frame, fixed straight drawbar with rotating towing eye Ø40 mm or Ø50 mm, solid crane base with hydraulic flap-down support legs, sling loops for tension belt, 2 movable bunks with 4 stakes and 11.5/80-15.3 wheels.

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Product info

Loading crane FB42L is equipped with slew motor with 4 slewing cylinders, it has a linkage system and comes together with 3 tons rotator, connection of hydraulic hoses to the rotator, rotator link without pending brake and grapple FB120.

  • Single frame – flexible for twisting – best in forest
  • Small trailer for extended maneuverability
  • Ideal for firewood

Trailer FB50 is suitable for the transportation of firewood, pulpwood, and other timber logs. Brushwood, branches, and any other similar material can be transported with the help of optional insert plates ordered along with the trailer or supplied later when needed.

Compact dimensions of the trailer make it very popular among the farmers and smaller tractor with lower oil flows owners.

Loading length of the trailer is 2,9m however it can be extended to 3,4m while mounting a frame extension on to the center beam. Frame extension is secured to the beam with bolts. To secure a load on the trailer the frame has welded on sling loops/anchor points for the tensioning belt.

The trailer features original crane base & gate design as well as “easy-climbing” bogie construction with the ability to adjust the longitudinal position for optimal balance. Bogie swing axle’s construction ensures high durability & long service-free operation, while flap-down supports ensure reliable stability during operation.

To suit every users’ specific needs FB50 trailers have a broad range of options and accessories listed at the accessories tab.

Cranes for trailer FB50:
Crane FB42L Crane FB47L

Technical info

Max. permitted total weight *, kg 6300
Load capacity, kg 5000
Weight (with standard equipment), kg 820
Load area, m2 1.4
Load length, m 2.9
Central beam frame, mm 120×120
* depending on the brake system
Drawbar straight
Drawbar steering no
Rotating towing eye Ø40 mm / Ø50 mm
Hydraulic support legs FD type (flap-down)
Sling loops for tension belt yes
Bunks / Stakes 2 / 4
Wheels 11.5/80×15.3 10PR AW




12.5/80×15.3 14PR AW


Independent hydraulic system:
Pump with quick coupling for PTO connection (female)
Pump with shaft for installation on the drawbar (male)


Hydraulic brakes (2 wheels)
Pneumatic brakes (2 wheels)


Additional bunk with 2 stakes
Additional bunk with 2 stakes (easy-fit)
Frame extension till 3.4 m incl. 2 stakes (without lights)
Foldable LED lights with plate number lights
Connection of first pair of stakes to the gates
Stake extension
Toolboxes with/without cover
Parking leg
Parking fold up wheel
Operator’s platform with ladder
Block valves for flap-down support legs
Protective shoe-plate for flap-down support legs
Drawbar upwards (instead of straight drawbar)
Fixed towing eye Ø 40 mm with flange fixing
Fuel tank holder with tank
Center beam frame protection
Wheel support set
Insert plates for brushwood transportation

For more information contact your local dealer.

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